Is your image of Europe missing a big chunk of the ’other Europe’, the one less present in travel itineraries and Melbourne cinemas? Or have you caught a glimpse of this fascinating world and you want to further immerse yourself in it?

Join Euraw Stories every month for a good dose of the other Europe through films from Central, Eastern Europe and The Balkans!

Australiana Serba uncovers Euraw Stories

EuЯaw Iиc. is a non-profit organisation from  Melbourne that aims to showcase, support and promote art projects inspired by the culture of Central, Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

Its first project is Euraw Stories, a Film Society that screens award winning films from the region.  EuRaw Stories provides the Australian audiences with access to the new cinema and the rich culture, the music and the languages of Central, Eastern Europe and The Balkans.

The program helps filmmakers from these countries reach new audiences and potentially local festivals and distributors. Some of the films have never been screened in Australia so they hope to promote cinema from the region and nurture the audience’s appetite for it.

Once a month, Euraw Stories screens award-winning movies followed by conversations with artists, filmmakers and subject-matter experts. It is a must see event for all the film buffs, the curious-natured, lovers of that part of the world and those wanting to expand and shake a little bit their understanding of Europe.

Euraw Stories strives to create a multicultural experience through films and special events that truly represent the diversity of the 22 different nationalities from the region.

Join the program and engage with Eastern and Central European cultures. Love it, hate it, feel how the same and how different people all over the world are!

All the films have English subtitles. Enjoy the screening and let those foreign languages be music to your ears!

The Venue

Euraw Stories home for the rest of the year is the state-of-the-art Performance Space at Library at The Dock at 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands. If you haven’t been there yet, they’re giving you the best excuse to visit.

Enter the library and make your way to the second floor via stairs or the elevator. The Performance Space is towards the Bolte Bridge end of the building. Keep an eye out for the Euraw Stories signs or ask one of the friendly library staff about them.

This venue is Australia’s first 6 star Green Star rated public building, as awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia.

It’s very easy to get to The Library at The Dock by train, tram, car, foot or any way you prefer! See how to get there on their or Euraw website.

Calendar, Tickets & Membership

Every month – a new film! So far Euraw Stories screened “Life is a Miracle” by Emir Kusturica (Serbia), “Ida” by Pawel Pawlikowski (Poland), Nightwatch by Timur Bekmambetov (Russia) and many other films awarded with prestigious awards like the Oscar or Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival to name a few. Here you may check out next two movies on this year program and on their website and Facebook page you may find more information about the next screenings.

March 19th (Sunday) at 14:30


Serbia 2015

Director: Sinisa Galic

Cast: Leni Wesselman , Jelena Rakocevic

April 9th (Sunday) at 14:30


Romania 2013

Director: Calin Peter Netzer

Cast: Luminita Gheorghiu, Bogdan Dumitrache

When it comes to tickets, special screenings go for the single ticket price at $15, three month movie passes are $21 and one year movie passes are $65. You can find more information about passes and how to book on the Euraw Stories website.

Euraw Stories is a non-profit event.


Besides screening top movies from Central, Eastern Europe and Balkans, Euraw Inc also organizes catered live performances. At one of their parties they listening famous Balkan band straight from Romania and partied with them in Melbourne!


To make this venture far-reaching and more successful, they welcome partnerships with other Eastern European influenced businesses and communities from Australia.

If thei aims sound appealing they would greatly appreciate suggestions for partnerships, so you could benefit from mutual exposure to a larger community.

Euraw & Australiana Serba

You can read many great articles on the Euraw Stories website and Facebook page. Australiana Serba Internet Magazine are happy to announce our partnership with Euraw Stories and we hope to bring you even more interesting information and nice surprises! Stay tuned!


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