Australiana Serba Internet Magazine is dedicated to Serbian–Australian ties and possibilities for expansion and strengthening those cultural, business, scientific and other forms of connections and exchange between Serbia and Australia. Everyone who wants to travel, study, work or start business in Australia can find many useful information in our magazine, but also get the help and answers from experts we work with. On the other hand, all of those who want to travel, start business, work or study in Serbia can also find answers to their questions and numerous interesting, informative articles in Australiana Serba Magazine. We also want to discover for our readers less known stories and facts about Australia and Serbia, and we believe that it will be enjoyable for reading even to those who come across our website just out of pure curiosity and desire for knowledge. For those who just arrived in one of these countries or should soon visit them, we are also preparing many useful advice and texts which may help in faster adapting and discovering their beauties. Numerous Serbian diaspora as well as growing community of Australians in Serbia are very important to us too, so we are preparing many interesting contents for them as well. Australiana Serba Internet Magazine consists of various sections and most of them are dedicated to Australian–Serbian topics. Our editor in chief Ivana Nikolich prepares a special series of exclusive interviews which may have wider context than Australian and Serbian. Besides all that, we are preparing special sections for all generations of writers, musicians and all kinds of artists, where they will have an opportunity to publish their works. Australiana Serba Magazine prepares some interesting initiatives and many other contents too. We are also open for your noble and creative ideas, dear readers! Welcome to pages of Australiana Serba Internet Magazine!


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