Ivana Nikolich (Nikolić) made her first steps in journalism when she was only 20 years old. As an author and host she ran popular show „Moj Beograd“ (My Belgrade) at TV Studio B (Belgrade, Serbia) for over 12 years and interviewed more than 300 top artists, scientists, musicians, journalists, sportsmen, writers and other renowned people from Serbia, USA, Russia, Guinea-Bissau, Germany, France… Ivana was also an author and host of miniseries “Moj Beograd i moj Melburn” (My Belgrade and My Melbourne) which was created with great help, support and sponsorship of honour by Embassy of Australia in Serbia and Her Excellency Australian ambassador Julia Feeney. Sponsors of this special Australian–Serbian edition of Moj Beograd series were also Etihad Airways and Air Serbia. “Moj Beograd I moj Melburn” consists of 9 episodes which were filmed in Belgrade, Melbourne and Sydney with writers, musicians, university professors and other interesting people from Serbia, Australia and New Zealand. Ivana was also engaged as a live shows host, reporter and journalist at TV Studio B, where she worked for 14 years, so she has rich experience in almost all fields of TV journalism. Society of Economic Journalists of Serbia (Udruženje privrednih novinara Srbije) gave her award “Golden Ten” (Zlatna Desetka) for significant contribution to a spirit of Belgrade and preserving its values. Readers of Serbian TV magazine “TV Revija” have chosen Ivana’s show Moj Beograd for one of three favourite documentaries broadcasted in Serbia at both national and foreign TV networks. Even though Ivana has rich professional experience mostly in a field of TV journalism, writing is also her passion and she writes since very early age. She was also engaged as a journalist at few magazines. When it comes to her education, she graduated as the best student of her generation at School for Arts of Music “Kosta Manojlović” (Belgrade). At the age of 18 she was one of the most perspective young Belgrade classically trained pianists of her age, but decided to change career and pursue writing as her great passion too. She got master degree in Serbian and world literature at University of Belgrade (Faculty for Philology). Next time Ivana returned shortly to University of Belgrade in 2015 as a guest lecturer at the department for journalism at Faculty of Political Sciences. In 2016 she founded Australiana Serba Internet Magazine, which is dedicated to Australian and Serbian topics and to connecting Australia, Serbia and other countries through culture and business in a first place. Soon after it was founded Australiana Serba started partnerships with Euraw Stories from Melbourne, U-Next & Nest Inc. organizations from Sydney, Long Play Concert Agency from Belgrade and Society of Poets and Publishing House Treći Trg also from Belgrade. As an editor in chief Ivana is engaged at developing further this online magazine and it’s great potentials.