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We are starting this new section of Australiana Serba called “Sights” with a portrait of an artistic photographer, video editor and engineer Vladimir Tasevski from Belgrade. This time we present to you the his photos, but in his short bio and interview you may find links and info about his other engagements and works. iz Beograda. Of course, there is also a sellection of his artistic images bellow the text. Clicking any image you may open and see the whole gallery. Vladimir’s portraits are also taken by professional photographers Nenad Surčulija and Gavro Dešić (Nenad Surchuliya and Gavro Deshich).

What Is Vladimir Tasevski doing? 

(short bio)

Vladimir Tasevski is a photographer, video editor and an engineer of electrical and computer engineering with 20 years of experience in audio and video editing, production and post production, project coordination, and also with several years of experience in management. He worked at two TV networks and various independent productions. Over the years, he created hundreds of different videos, audio and photo materials individually and with various teams. Only as a video editor at RTV Studio B he made hundreds of various AV materials (TV shows, short videos, advertisements, commercial, news reports, etc.). He is also a video editor of numerous documentaries, entertainment and political talk-shows, music videos and a TV miniseries “Collector” (“Sakupljač”), written by famous Serbian SF author Zoran Živković.

When it comes to photography Vladimir made his first big break through as an official photographer of Jelen Top 10 music show, the unique project which promoted rock&roll music. During this project ran by Letter&Sun Agency he took photos of some of the most popular rock musicians and bends in Serbia. This show was broadcasted at Serbian national TV network RTS from 2010 to 2013. Since then Vladimir was an official photographer at Coca-Cola annual meeting in Belgrade 2014, his works were published in a popular photography magazine Refoto and there were numerous solo and group exhibitions of his photos. Vladimir is also one of the founders and members of Society of Photographers “Iza Ekrana” (Behind the Screen) from Belgrade. He was also engaged as a cameraman at Studio Bul-Pro for few years.

Considering he likes to learn about new technologies, implement new tools in his work and seek for new solutions when dealing with everyday challenges, no wonder he is very knowledgeable, skilled and successful in a fields of computer systems, Internet technologies and social media platforms too. Two years ago he became partner at TwoTech Solutions, a company for AV technologies and Internet solutions founded by Bojan Živojinović. They are engaged in creation of numerous websites, multimedia presentations, video clips, documentaries and promotional films. TwoTech Solutions also organize webinars in various fields of engineering, multimedia design, and offer live streams of any kind of events. Beside video production they also provide internet solutions based on WordPress platform.

Vladimir Tasevski is also enaged as a video producer at Tajmlajn Sci­tech Magazine, which consists of a web site, TV show and YouTube channel dedicated to science, technology, education, ecology and tech startups. Since January 2016 TwoTech Solutions is producing weekly TV show Tajmlajn magazine which is broadcasted at TV Studio B.

And What Does Vladimir Tasevski say?


Which talents and passions of yours would you point out if you’d have to choose?

I was interested in many things in life. So far I tried out playing guitar and drums, photography, programming, video editing… Besides that, I trained rugby in primary school and real aikido in late 90’s and early 00’s, etc. if I’d choose what interests me the most, those would be photography, computers and multimedia. With time it became clear that I am visual type. Photography is kind of meditation for me. I love going to take pictures and wandering through city streets in a search for motives that inspire me to forget about everyday problems and thoughts. I focus on what I do and drift from reality. Perhaps I could compare it with Tai Chi Chuan and name it meditation through movement.

What gives you inspiration as an artist? People, animals, landscapes, human soul or something completely different?

What inspires me the most are sights and scenes I notice in my everyday life and surrounding. I also started making portraits and street photography lately and it’s a new field I’m exploring and learn a lot about it. I like to discover some strange, grungy and lapsed places in this modern city and then take pictures of them. Many people find my images dark, especially because I mostly work in black and white, but I think that one should point out poverty and chaos around us.  Perhaps that makes people change something and take better care of their environment and surrounding in general. I believe that my photos are not appealing to crowd that likes colourfulness, but that’s not my goal anyway. I follow what I feel when working and if someone likes it – great, if not – again great, because that’s also a kind of reaction. It is a success for me even when photos trigger loathing, fear or is important that there is some kind of reaction. It’s the worst when the image is unnoticed and doesn’t trigger any feeling. That’s a failure for me. Any other reaction is good.

Artist that are on the same wave length as you, your inspiration and / or mentors are…?

That’s a hard question. There are so many great artists that it’s very hard to say. It would be a cliché if I would point out Magnum Photographers, so I’ll skip that this time. Perhaps I could mention famous Brazilian photographer Sebastiao Salgado. While researching contemporary documentary and street photography, I also discovered very interesting works of Markus Andersson, Australian photographer from Sydney, who presents his city in a very special, interesting way. What I find amazing is how he uses analogue imaging techniques and that is something I am prone to and use lately. You may watch the video about him and his work on YouTube. Of course, there are many other interesting artists and I would recommend documentary „Everybody Street“ to those who want to learn more. That film really helps me a lot in my approach and learning about street photography.

Comment about your work and / or life and world around us that you are especially fond of or means to you the most?

I think I already answered this question partly. The essence is that it is very important for me to point out different bad things that happen in around us and that way to make people to notice and change such things. I find injustice, indifference and disrespect hurtful.

Who and what always puts a smile onn your face?

My children always put a smile on my face. They bring me inspiration and peace. They are very playful and funny, because they are still little. My eldest son is also my great inspiration. He is also interested In photography, so we often go together to take photos. As much as he learns from me about photography, I also learn a lot from him, because young people sees the world and people around us in a different way and it’s very interesting for me to research that.

And of Course Images by Vladimir Tasevski!

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