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Leni Wesselman: The Land Where People Sing With Their Eyes Closed

Photo: Danilo Pavlovic Photos by Danilo Pavlovic, Jacek Szycht and Stefan Klüter Leni Wesselman is young German actress who already played leading roles in European movies. She had a debut with the leading female role in the psycho-drama "Mein" directed by Detlef Bothein. This film had it's premiere at the World…
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Real Australia

Australia Day in Special Way!

Australiana Serba Internet Magazine is celebrating Australia Day in a special way! We are sharing with you beautiful quotes written by some of the greatest Australian writers and poets who marked Australian and world contemporary literature! Nobel prize winner Patrick White’s, famous Aboriginal poetess Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s (Kath Walker) and few…
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Learn Serbian with AS


    Serbia has two official letters: Cyrillic and Latin (Latinic). Cyrillic is the main one hystorically, culturally and officially, but we are starting with Latinic, because it is more useful for learning Serbian in the beginning. In this lesson, we will learn Latinic letter used in Serbian, Croatian and…
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