Vladimir Tasevski is a photographer, video editor and an engineer of electrical and computer engineering with 20 years of experience in audio and video editing, production and post production, project coordination, and also with several years of experience in management. He worked at two TV networks and various independent productions. Over the years, he created hundreds of different videos, audio and photo materials individually and with various teams. Only as a video editor at RTV Studio B he made hundreds of various AV materials (TV shows, short videos, advertisements, commercial, news reports, etc.). He is also a video editor of numerous documentaries, entertainment and political talk-shows, music videos and a TV miniseries “Collector” (“Sakupljač”), written by famous Serbian SF author Zoran Živković. When it comes to photography Vladimir made his first big break through as an official photographer of Jelen Top 10 music show, the unique project which promoted rock&roll music. During this project ran by Letter&Sun Agency he took photos of some of the most popular rock musicians and bends in Serbia. This show was broadcasted at Serbian national TV network RTS from 2010 to 2013. Since then Vladimir was an official photographer at Coca-Cola annual meeting in Belgrade 2014, his works were published in a popular photography magazine Refoto and there were numerous solo and group exhibitions of his photos. Vladimir is also one of the founders and members of Society of Photographers “Iza Ekrana” (Behind the Screen) from Belgrade. He was also engaged as a cameraman at Studio Bul-Pro for few years. Considering he likes to learn about new technologies, implement new tools in his work and seek for new solutions when dealing with everyday challenges, no wonder he is very knowledgeable, skilled and successful in a fields of computer systems, Internet technologies and social media platforms too. Two years ago he became partner at TwoTech Solutions, a company for AV technologies and Internet solutions founded by Bojan Živojinović. They are engaged in creation of numerous websites, multimedia presentations, video clips, documentaries and promotional films. TwoTech Solutions also organize webinars in various fields of engineering, multimedia design, and offer live streams of any kind of events. Beside video production they also provide internet solutions based on WordPress platform. Vladimir Tasevski is also enaged as a video producer at Tajmlajn Sci­tech Magazine, which consists of a web site, TV show and YouTube channel dedicated to science, technology, education, ecology and tech startups. Since January 2016 TwoTech Solutions is producing weekly TV show Tajmlajn magazine which is broadcasted at TV Studio B.