Ivana Radonjić expressed love and talent for art and creativity at a very early age. She attended a dance studio of renowned ballerina Jelena Katić and showed remarkable gift for ballet. She also got classical pianistic education and finished successfully primary musical school “Dr Vojislav Vučković” at the piano department. Piano is her great passion till this day, even though she didn’t pursue professional pianistic career. After finishing Third Belgrade Grammar School (Treća beogradska gimnazija) she attended Faculty of Philosophy at University of Belgrade and graduated at the department for Art History with highest grades. Her master graduation thesis was Serbian National Medieval Art History. She also found a way to express her gift for music as a singer in a famous choir First Belgrade Singing Society (Prvo beogradsko pevačko društvo) which is famous in Balkans for its rich history and tradition. When it comes to work, Ivana had her first experience as an associate at Faculty of Applied Arts and several art studios. She also took part in various fair exhibitions as a professional. Ivana also worked as business assistant at Studio for Learning English „Anglian“ from 2004th to 2014th and got great experience in business communication and organization in this company. Since 2014th Ivana is engaged as an occasional associate at art gallery “Art Idea” in Belgrade. She was also an associate at sales department of Ruby Charm Company for handmade unique jewellery manufacturing and distribution. Beside her current jobs, Ivana is also engaged as a handicraft artist. Her handmade arty accessories are important for her as a way to express her creativity. At Australiana Serba Ivana is in charge for creative articles and other contents in a field of arts and she is about to start her section at our magazine! She is also engaged in our marketing department for cooperation with our donators and advertisers. The last but not the least – she is also a proud mum of two adorable daughters.